8 Sources to Drive Initial Traffic to Your Blog.

Now a days, traffic  is the biggest issue which new Bloggers definitely  face.

So, Many Blogging Gurus Will tell you Everything about  SEO , Guest Posting and Link Building in Various Different and Efficient Ways.

But SEO Is now Not as Easy as they Tell for a Newbie. The Complex Algorithm of  Google Takes around 6 to 8 months of minimum for a new website to rank you may be on the First Page i.e in the Top Ten Search Results.

But I am telling you a Fact that Traffic is the best Way You can get your Website on the the top of the search result. 

As You Know that There is an Agent which We called a CATALYST which help s to Increase the rate of chemical Reaction.  Likewise Traffic Works as the Catalyst  This Helps Increase the rate of ranking on the google very fast. 

So, In Clear words, If you Start Getting Traffic, Your Website will start ranking on various Keywords.

Now You Will Tell that if my website won’t be in the first page then how would i get the traffic on a new Blog . 

Yes, This is the Topic on which we are going to talk. We are not Just Going to talk but I am going to Provide you the Best Way How you Can Start Getting Your Initial Traffic, 

Lets Directly go to the point that How we can get Some Initial Traffic.

I know You are aware of Some of the way But There much more way which you are going to Learn. This is definitely going to add some Value to your Learning i can say Confidently.

Here We Are Definitely Going To Use The Social Medias and content Marketing.

1. YouTube


2. Quora 

3. Pinteres 

4. Reddit

5. Facebook (Mainly Groups)

6. Yahoo Answers

7. Tumblr

8. Google  Question Hub

9.  Medium

So Above I have Listed The Ways To Generate the Traffic But What If I say that It Is not just Necessary to get the Traffic but also to stop them from going back from your website. Means to reduce the Percentage of Bounce backs, If the Bounce backs will be high then Google will take your Ranking Down  which will in turn get you losses and you will come here and Start Commenting that “Hey This Is Fake”, “You Are Misleading”, etc. 
To avoid that I am Also Listing Some Ways How You Can Grab The Attention of the Visitors and also Don’t Loose Them Re target them and Get him informed again and again as many time you post. 

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